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It won’t be long now before we welcome you to De Bonte Wever! We’re really looking forward to it once again, and hope that it will be a great tournament and just as much fun as in previous years. We’d like to kick off with some practical information. See you soon!

► Tokens
We work with food and drinks tokens at De Bonte Wever. They are available from vending machines in the Central Hall on arrival and in the Café Street, as well as the sales point in the party tent. Payments by bank debit card are always welcome and indeed preferable. Tokens are sold per set of five tokens. Please remember that once purchased, tokens cannot be returned.

► Lockers
This year, we’re introducing lockers instead of the wardrobe facility. They can be rented for € 2.00 or € 3.00 (medium 25 x  25 x 40 cm or large 25 x 35 x 40 cm) per day. You will be given a locker code that can be used all day, for easy access to your locker at any time of the day.

Would you like your locker to be waiting for you and you don’t want to queue for a code? Why not book it beforehand via
Please note: bookings can be made via the online system until Wednesday 29 January 12.00 hours at the latest.

(please don’t forget to empty your locker at the end of the day / evening. It will be available for rent again the following day! Lockers are rented per day therefore.)

► Good food
Beside the various stalls all around the complex, De Bonte Wever is offering three restaurants this year.

– In the buffet restaurant on the first floor, you can enjoy a nice, healthy range of breakfast (08.00 – 10.30 hours) and dinner (18.00 – 21.00 hours) options. The staircase to the restaurants is alongside the entrance to the Café Street.

– Besides the Buffet restaurant, the first floor also features the Food corner where you’ll find filled rolls, soups, salads, plated meals, fruit etc. The staircase to the restaurants is alongside the entrance to the Café Street. The food corner opens at 11.30 hours on Friday and Saturday.

Dapper is the à la carte restaurant where we’ve designed a special menu offering a range of (lunch) plates and dishes for Darts. This is also the place to be for a nice cup of coffee or for drinks. Dapper can be found at the back of the hall next to the Purple room (where the grandstand lanes are). Dapper is open from 11.00 hours on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, Dapper is open for players in the youth tournament, with a range of food and drinks designed specially for this tournament.

We must point out that you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

Party tent
On Friday and Saturday, the traditional party tent will be available all day to help you release any tension and dance away your nerves. The tent doors open at 10.00 hours and close at 18.00 hours on Friday and Saturday. There are of course rules to be observed in the party tent. You’ll find them posted at various points in and around the tent. We kindly request that you respect them in order to make this a fun occasion for everyone involved.

Alcohol & Smoking
Finally, and it hopefully goes without saying in 2020, we’d like to remind you that alcohol will only be served to guests aged over 18 years. Please make sure you have a valid ID card with you at all times, and it will always be requested when you’re under 25. In the event that anyone older than 18 orders drinks for persons younger than 18, we have no choice but to request both the under-age drinker and the person ordering the drinks to leave the premises immediately. Smoking is prohibited throughout the complex, with the exception of the special smoking areas, that are clearly signposted. Once again, we unfortunately need to be very strict, and smokers breaking the rules will no longer be welcome in the complex.

Route and parking
Enter Stadsbroek 17 in your navigation system, for problem-free directions to De Bonte Wever. On arrival, we kindly request that you follow the instructions of our parking assistants. We strongly advise you to plan your journey with plenty of time. Due to the expected high volume of traffic, your trip will properly take you longer than your navigation suggests.

€ 2500 + all-inclusive weekend for the first nine-darter!
As host and sponsor of the Dutch Open Darts, De Bonte Wever once again offers a fantastic prize for the first player to throw a 9-darter on the finals stage for senior players. The first player doing so will receive a cheque for € 2500 and an all-inclusive weekend stay for 4 guests at De Bonte Wever.

And finally, we’d like to wish you a great weekend and the best of luck. See you in Assen!


Foto: Miranda Drenth

27 March 2024
The date for the TOTO Dutch Open Darts 2025 in De Bonte Wever has been announced.
4 February 2024
De koppelfinale bij de heren is op overtuigende wijze gewonnen door het Nederlands-Belgische duo Damian Mol/Brian Raman. Ze versloegen het Nederlandse duo Jimmy van Schie/Jeroen Mioch met 5-1 en deden dat met knappe cijfers.