Just like the men’s and ladies tournament, the youth players will receive their player’s cards by e-mail including the match times. All players have to report at the control desk at least 10 minutes before every game.
The tournament will be played on Sunday February 4th from 10.00h. Doors will be open at 08.30h.

Three youth tournaments will be organised:
– Girls (up to and including 17 years old)
– Boys (under 14 years old)
– Boys (14 up to and including 17 years old)

The age of the player on the day of the event determines in which category the player must participate in. For boys under the age of 14 there has been made an exception. They can choose in which category thet want to participate in.

A youth player who is 16 years or older can also play in the men’s/ladies tournament. If a player is still in the men’s/ladies tournament on Sunday morning, they cannot participate in the youth tournament as well. His or her place in the youth tournament will be replaced with a bye.

All the player’s cards will be send by e-mail to the contact person who did the registration.

Very important: You must have your player’s card PRINTED with you during the event. You cannot pick it up any more. The barcode on the player’s card will be scanned at the entrance. It is not possible to show it on your mobile phone, as you need to show it printed at the match tables. If player’s cards have to be printed by the organization during the event, costs will be charged

A player’s card is also your entrance ticket. With a ‘youth player’s card’ you can bring one parent/guardian who can enter for free. Because the youth tournament is on Sunday, the players only have free access to the venue on Sunday. If they want to spectate on Friday or Saturday, you have to buy a ticket. Children under 12 are free of charge.

WARNING: If you don’t show your printed card at the match table ten minutes before your game, you will be disqualified. The organization is not responsible for this!

Everybody is welcome at the BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts. You can buy tickets at the entrance of the Bonte Wever:
Friday €5.00
Saturday €6.50
Sunday €7.50

Sunday: Final’s Day!
The access on Sunday is limited for spectators. If the playing area on Sunday is full, no more tickets will be sold. Our advice: come early!

Friday: 31 january 2020
8.30 Doors open
10.00 Paradarts players report at ‘Paradarts Playing Area’ untill 11.00 am.
10.30 Start pairs tournament Men up to and including the Semi finals.
10.30 Start pairs tournament Women up to and including the Semi finals.
(Pairs finals will be played on Sunday on stage.)
12.00 Start WDDA World Championship, including final.
18.00 Closing Partytent

Saturday: 1 february 2020
8.30 Doors open
09.30 Paradarts players report at ‘Paradarts Playing Area’ untill 10.00 am.
10.00 Start singles tournament Men until the Last 64.
10.00 Start singles tournament Women until the final.
(Last 64 men and last 2 ladies will go through sunday. For the ladies only the single and pair finals will be played on Sunday)
10.30 Start singles tournament Paradarts including final.
18.00 Closing Partytent

Sunday: 2 february 2020
8.30 Doors open
10.00 Start singles tournaments Youth
10.30 Start singles tournament Men Last 64.
12.00 Room stage program open
12.30 Stage program: All finales (excluding paradartsfinale)

Pairs final Women
Pairs final Men
Semi final Women
Semi final Men
Final Girls
Final Boys (under 14 years old)
Final Boys (14 up to and including 17 years old)
Final Women
Final Men

The person who loses the match has to mark the next match on the same board. It is always possible to find a replacement to mark for you.

If you want to go outside during the day, always make sure you have a stamp on the inside of your hand / wrist. You will receive a stamp at the door.

There is no dress code for the Friday and Saturday. Only for the podium matches on Sunday, the general NDB dress code applies. At all times; club expressions in any form (football, motorcycle or otherwise) are not allowed.

There are regulations regarding shirt sponsoring as included in the general rules of the NDB. This means that the organization has the right to protect the interests of its (main) sponsors during the Dutch Open Darts and to refuse advertising material from players, teams, organizations, spectators or other sponsors.

– Legitimation is mandatory at all times if you are older than 13 years.
– If a player loses his player’s card during the tournament, he can buy a new one for €5.00.
– You will not be announced. On the player’s card the timetable and the board on which you play will be mentioned. You must report at the match table 10 minutes before the start of your game. If you do not report in time, a regulatory defeat is the result.
– If you want to know more about the tournament format click here.
– If you want more information about the rules and regulations click here.

All the prize money will be paid by bank transfer for practical and security reasons.

If you have won and are entitled to prize money then this will be transferred to you. It is therefore very important that you fill in the prize money form correctly during the BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts. You will receive this form at the table before the start of the round where prize money can be earned. You are responsible for the correct completion and submission of this form. You can hand in this form on all days at the competition table or at the reception of the Bonte Wever.

It is going to be very cosy in the Bonte Wever! There will be entertainment provided in the barstreet with several pubs and of course there is a DJ in the party tent! In addition, there is sufficient seating for something to eat or drink. Of course there are several stands available for nice (darts) articles.

The party tent will close at 6pm on Friday and Saturday.

– Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.
– Under 18 years, we do not serve alcohol, as forbidden by law. The passing over of liquor to a person under 18 is absolutely not allowed.
– Using drugs in any form is not allowed.
– It is not permitted to take objects that could endanger safety and drinks or food. The security personnel have the right to search you. Whether or not to allow materials is to be assessed by security.
– Aggressive, disruptive and / or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated.
– In all cases, the instructions of the staff of ‘De Bonte Wever’ and security personnel must be followed immediately.
– These house rules apply in addition to the regular house rules of De Bonte Wever which you will find at the entrance and at various other places in the complex.
– Not following the rules of the house may result in a denial of access to the complex for a definite or indefinite period of time and / or involvement of the police.

The BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts 2020 will have a VIP-room. Following people have access:
BDO Ranking: Top 16 men, Top 8 ladies (2 extra guests)
WDF Ranking: Top 16 men, Top 8 ladies (2 extra guests)
Dutch Selection Team: men, women, youth (2 extra guests)
Winners Dutch Open Darts 2019 edition (2 extra guests)
Lakeside participant 2020 (2 extra guests)
Member organisations of the Dutch Darts Association
The Dutch Darts Association will personally invite some additional guests.
There is a VIP desk directly on the right after the main entrance in De Bonte Wever. VIP Players have to pick up their VIP wrist band IN PERSON at the desk. It is not allowed to collect wrist bands for your guests; they have to collect the wrist band in person.

The organization of the BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts and the Bonte Wever wishes all participants a lot of success and fun, see you in Assen!