Mol and Raman win men's pairs final

The men’s pairs final was convincingly won by the Dutch-Belgian duo Damian Mol/Brian Raman. They defeated the Dutch duo Jimmy van Schie/Jeroen Mioch with a score of 5-1, displaying impressive numbers.

Two days after Mol and Raman played the semifinal, they stepped onto the stage for the final. The long break didn’t affect their game: they took the first two 701 legs in 20 and 21 darts. At 3-0, Van Schie and Mioch made a brief comeback, but it wasn’t enough. With another 20-darter and an average of 97, Mol sealed the match.

Greaves and Rolls emerge victorious
The women’s doubles final was won by Beau Greaves and Jo Rolls. The English duo was too strong for another English pair, Lorraine Winstanley and Paige Pauling, winning with a score of 4-0.

Greaves started strong with a 180 in the first leg. She and Rolls took the first leg in 25 darts. In the second leg, Pauling had the chance to equalize with 76, but failed to do so. Greaves then sealed the match with a 60, 120, and 30 finish.

Dutch Open Darts Assen zondag
Dutch Open Darts Assen zondag
Dutch Open Darts Assen zondag

Foto: Bas van den Berk

27 March 2024
The date for the TOTO Dutch Open Darts 2025 in De Bonte Wever has been announced.
4 February 2024
De koppelfinale bij de heren is op overtuigende wijze gewonnen door het Nederlands-Belgische duo Damian Mol/Brian Raman. Ze versloegen het Nederlandse duo Jimmy van Schie/Jeroen Mioch met 5-1 en deden dat met knappe cijfers.