The doors of the Bonte Wever open at 07:00. As a player, you must have your PRINTED player card with you during the event. You do not have to show this at the entrance. You will need this at the  match table.

Spectators and other visitors can enter for free on Thursday. The player card for the warm-up tournament is a separate player card that does NOT allow you to enter for free on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

During the warm-up tournament on Thursday 26th of January, entrance to ‘De Bonte Wever’ is free.

Please see this link for the program.

Players must mark themselves after a lost game or are responsible for arranging a marker. The player remains responsible at all times for marking.

There is no dress code for the warming-up event on Thursday. At all times; club expressions in any form (football, motorcycle or otherwise) are not allowed.

– Legitimation is mandatory at all times if you are older than 13 years.
– If a player loses his player’s card during the tournament, he can buy a new one for €5.00.
– You will not be announced. On the player’s card the timetable and the board on which you play will be mentioned. You must report at the match table 10 minutes before the start of your game. If you do not report in time, a regulatory defeat is the result.
– If you want to know more about the tournament format click here.
– If you want more information about the rules and regulations click here.

All the prize money will be paid by bank transfer for practical and security reasons.

If you have won and are entitled to prize money then this will be transferred to you. It is therefore very important that you fill in the prize money form correctly during the Dutch Open Darts. You will receive this form at the table before the start of the round where prize money can be earned. You are responsible for the correct completion and submission of this form. You can hand in this form on all days at the competition table or at the reception of the Bonte Wever.

Click here for the breakdown of the prize money.

The organization of the Dutch Open Darts and the Bonte Wever wishes all participants a lot of success and fun, see you in Assen!