The doors of the Bonte Wever open at 08:00. As a player, we advise to bring your PRINTED player card with you during the event. You do not have to show this at the entrance.

Spectators and other visitors can enter for free on Thursday. The player card for the warm-up tournament is a separate player card that does NOT allow you to enter for free on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

During the warm-up tournament on Thursday 1st of February, entrance to ‘De Bonte Wever’ is free.

Please see this link for the program.

On DartConnect TV and on the tablet next to the dartboard you can see if the winner or loser has to mark the next game; refusing means disqualification for the Dutch Open Pairs, Singles and/or Dutch Open next year!

There is no dress code for the warming-up event on Thursday. At all times; club expressions in any form (football, motorcycle or otherwise) are not allowed.

– Legitimation is mandatory at all times if you are older than 13 years.
– You will not be announced. You must report 10 minutes before the start of your game. If you do not report in time, a regulatory defeat is the result.
– If you want to know more about the tournament format click here.
– If you want more information about the rules and regulations click here.

Prize money will be paid by bank transfer. You will receive a prize money form before the start of the round where prize money can be earned.

You are responsible for the correct completion and submission of this form. You can collect and hand in this form on all days at any control desk or at the reception of the Bonte Wever.

Click here for the breakdown of the prize money.

We would like to make the Dutch Open Darts a big and fun party for everyone. For this reason, a number of house rules and rules of conduct apply inside the De Bonte Wever complex

– Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.
– Under 18 years, we do not serve alcohol, as forbidden by law. The passing over of liquor to a person under 18 is absolutely not allowed.
– Using or possessing drugs in any form is not allowed.
– It is not permitted to take objects that could endanger safety. Bringing your own drinks or food is forbidden too. The security personnel have the right to search you. Whether or not to allow materials is to be assessed by security.
– Aggressive, disruptive and / or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated.
– In all cases, the instructions of the staff of ‘De Bonte Wever’ and security personnel must be followed immediately.
– These house rules apply in addition to the regular house rules of De Bonte Wever which you will find at the entrance and at various other places in the complex.
– Not following the rules of the house may result in a denial of access to the complex for a definite or indefinite period of time and / or involvement of the police.

The organization of the Dutch Open Darts and the Bonte Wever wishes all participants a lot of success and fun, see you in Assen!