Former World Champions will face each other on stage Sunday

The Friday of the TOTO Dutch Open Darts is traditionally devoted to the pairs. Both the women and man finalists are known and they will compete on the stage of the TOTO Dutch Open Darts on Sunday to determine who will be the champions.

With over 1300 men’s pairs starting, it was former Lakeside champion Christian Kist and Michael Stoeten who placed reached the final first. In the semi-final, they were too strong for Eddy Merlijn and Mitchell von Schukkmann: 4-2.

The other finalists are former Lakeside champion Jelle Klaasen and Chris Landman. In an exciting semi-final they were to strong for Joey ten Berge and Mike Zuydwijk: 4-1.

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The women final will take place on Sunday between the English pair Hedman and Greaves and the Dutch pair Zijlstra and Wajer.

Deta Hedman and Beau Greaves were in a great semi-final too strong for Aileen de Graaf and Lerena Rietbergen: 3 – 1.

Aletta Wajer en Anca Zijlstra were too strong for Rhian o’Sullivan and Suzanne Smith in their semi-final. The ladies from the Netherlands quit easily: 3-0.

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The couples finals will be played on the stage on Sunday. These can be followed live via this stream. From 5:00 PM, RTL7 will also broadcast the games.

The paradarts tournament was also played today. The Germans Huesmann and Bohnhorst won. Read the full story here.


Foto: Evert Zomer

Foto Evert Zomer
Foto Stefan Roelfsema
Foto Stefan Roelfsema
Foto Stefan Roelfsema

Foto: Stefan Roelfsema

31 March 2023
The TOTO Dutch Open Darts will be organised in De Bonte Wever for the coming three years. It is the largest and most enjoyable darts tournament in the world, where everyone, from amateur to professional, can participate.
29 January 2023
The TOTO Dutch Open Darts has two new champions. Berry van Peer was too strong for Andy Baetens in the men's tournament (3-1 in sets), while Aileen de Graaf dealt with Beau Greaves in the women's final (5-2 in legs).
29 January 2023
Christian Kist and Michael Stoeten have won the men's pairs tournament. In a thrilling final, the duo beat Jelle Klaasen and Chris Landman: 5-4.