These are the finalists of the pairs tournaments

The finalists of the pairs tournaments of the TOTO Dutch Open Darts 2024 have been announced. The men’s final will be played on Sunday between the pairs Damian Mol/Brian Raman and Jimmy van Schie/Jeroen Mioch. In the women’s category, we will see the pairs Beau Greaves/Jo Rolls and Lorraine Winstanley/Paige Pauling competing.

Confident tournament finalists in the men’s category
The pairs Mol/Raman and Van Schie/Mioch will confidently step into the pairs final on Sunday. Both duos had a fluctuating but convincing journey to the final showdown. Mol and Raman demonstrated their resilience under the pressure of crucial legs multiple times. On the other hand, Van Schie and Mioch have yet to be truly challenged, having conceded only 4 legs throughout the entire tournament.

An English final in the women’s category
In the women’s category, Beau Greaves aims for a title defense on Sunday. The English player triumphed last year with Deta Hedman by her side and attempts to repeat that feat this year with Jo Rolls. Their opponents will be the pair of Lorraine Winstanley/Paige Pauling.

Both pairs had a similar path to the final. They comfortably won their matches until the quarterfinals. Greaves/Rolls needed a decisive leg against Aileen de Graaf and Anca Zijlstra. The duo Winstanley/Pauling secured their spot in the final with a fifth-leg victory over Rhian O’Sullivan/Christine Savvery.


Foto: Jos Groen

27 March 2024
The date for the TOTO Dutch Open Darts 2025 in De Bonte Wever has been announced.
4 February 2024
De koppelfinale bij de heren is op overtuigende wijze gewonnen door het Nederlands-Belgische duo Damian Mol/Brian Raman. Ze versloegen het Nederlandse duo Jimmy van Schie/Jeroen Mioch met 5-1 en deden dat met knappe cijfers.