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Of course we already knew that the BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts is popular. But it is fantastic to see that thousands of people are coming to De Bonte Wever in Assen to participate. We have seen an increase in the seniors category for years. This year too, despite the news that we are no longer BDO ranked, we are seeing an increase in both the men’s singles, the men’s pairs and the women’s pairs. Only with the ladies singles do we have 11 participants less than last year.

Men’s Singles: 3373 (2019: 3357)
Men’s Pairs: 1635 (2019: 1585)
Ladies Singles: 356 (2019: 367)
Ladies pairs: 196 (2019: 191)

We also recognise that paradarts is on the rise. But we also see that very clearly in the entries for the Dutch Open Darts. In 2018 we had a total of 32 participants, this was 44 in 2019 and that has now almost doubled to no fewer than 82 participants in the Dutch Open paradarts tournament on Saturday.

Paradarts: 82 (2019: 44)

The youth numbers are slightly down on last year. However, this is something we see at many international tournaments. So there is work to be done.

Girls: 31 (2019: 43)
Boys (under 14): 31 (2019: 56)
Boys (14-18): 152 (2019: 214)

This shows that we have in total one registration less than last year. Again a great result!

Total: 5856 (2019: 5857)


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In the week before the Dutch Open Darts, the draw will be online and the players cards will be sent by email.

Foto: Jos Groen

Foto: Jos Groen Fotografie

31 March 2023
The TOTO Dutch Open Darts will be organised in De Bonte Wever for the coming three years. It is the largest and most enjoyable darts tournament in the world, where everyone, from amateur to professional, can participate.
29 January 2023
The TOTO Dutch Open Darts has two new champions. Berry van Peer was too strong for Andy Baetens in the men's tournament (3-1 in sets), while Aileen de Graaf dealt with Beau Greaves in the women's final (5-2 in legs).
29 January 2023
Christian Kist and Michael Stoeten have won the men's pairs tournament. In a thrilling final, the duo beat Jelle Klaasen and Chris Landman: 5-4.